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The Metaverse
There’s enormous potential with the metaverse. Engaging your customers in entirely new ways will require you to build and scale adaptable ecosystems that are interoperable between many virtual environments. Our expertise extends across all areas core to the metaverse, so we can help bring you from business strategy and the right connected immersive experiences to solution development and implementation to optimization.
The Core Components
of the Metaverse
Blockchain & NFTs
Digital Twins
The possibilities of blockchain are great. A decentralized digital ledger, this technology enables public and immutable digital records of transactions. It’s also the basis for a vision of the metaverse, as blockchain opens the door to create virtual worlds and games collaboratively and without central authority. Now climbing in ubiquity, NFTs are non-fungible digital tokens that contain distinct values and data that are unique – in essence, a smart contract validated on the blockchain.
We help our customers harness the power of blockchain by first assessing and ideating business opportunity. Our teams leverage deep engineering expertise to build agnostic NFT marketplaces or NFT-based platforms where any digital or physical assets can be converted.
Blend Spaces
Evolving into a new era of virtual replicas, digital twins are a unique virtual version of a product, person or space from the real world continuously updated from real-time data. The applications to this technology are vast, from healthcare to manufacturing to automotive.
From simple recreations of the “real” item to interactive experiences that control or react to their, EPAM leverages its extensive data and analytics expertise to develop data rich platforms that drive real-time data solutions.
The digital-physical merge is becoming a prominent part of life. Blend spaces address the changing consumer behaviors and preferences of today, building trust, creating stronger communities and driving engagement.
Through our integrated approach, we transform omnichannel strategy, supply chain, fulfillment and eCommerce platforms to create resilient, personalized, holistic and human-centered retail experiences. We create, design and implement physical, digital and hybrid spaces.
Virtual Worlds
Online community environments enable users, via avatars, to communicate and interact with each other in real time. What’s more, interactive layers can be applied to add sensory elements that create a more immersive experience.
We have unrivaled experience in building virtual worlds – from designing game play to developing digital economies. Through our product and platform engineering heritage to holistic experience design and beyond, EPAM helps its global customers solve real business challenges through these immersive technologies and outcomes-based partnerships.
Our Capabilities
Strategy & Innovation
Game Development
Extended Reality
Computer Vision
Last Mile Latency
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