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Building innovative gaming ecosystems optimized for developers, publishers and players.
Our Core Focus Areas
Player Trust and Safety
ESports and Streaming
Creating secure experiences and content moderation platforms that encourage interaction, collaboration and retention while protecting users.
Unified Ecosystems for Players and Creators
Providing reliable and high-quality infrastructure, developing eSports specific games and broadcasting solutions to support global events and tournaments.
Empowering the gaming community with self-publishing tools, developer communities and monetization strategies while providing gamers with a wider range of experiences.
Cross-Platform Game Development
Building engines, middleware, art, audio and software tools to support game creation for studios and developers that supports playing across multiple platforms.
Our Capabilities
We design, develop, deploy and test new games to enhance the experiences of consumers and content creators.
We support back-end ecosystems that are unified and connected to enable usage across any device and create new apps for games.
We offer customized testing solutions to ensure compatibility, enhance player experience and allow your business to become more cost efficient.
We combine gaming with social experiences to create social and multiplayer gaming experiences that prioritize community building and collaboration.
We continually deliver upgraded and enhanced features, functionality and in-game events without necessitating a deployment of a new game version.
We enable companies to unlock the full value of their data to better understand player behavior, identify patterns and optimize game performance.
We leverage the latest AI technology, in game design, character development, and game optimization to create more realistic environments and characters.
We utilize the latest advancements in virtual and augmented reality to create immersive and interactive experience that are engaging, visually stunning and capable of drawing in new players.
Ready to take the complexity out of gaming infrastructure to power the future of gaming experiences?
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